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*To show the powerful dedication of the A7X Family and how we have supported the changes. To show that we are not like any other fan base when it comes to supporting a band. We defend!*


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 A7x-family.webs.com is run by Hannah . An Avenged Sevenfold fan from Ireland.

"I  decided to establish this site because I think Avenged Sevenfold are the greatest band in the world and I wanted a way to show them huge support. I hope you agree with me and decide to join to show your own support for this site and A7X" 

Thank you


A special thanks to Kelly (pictured right) for helping me getting the site started in the early stages.




A7x-family.webs.com is a fan site that is not in contact with A7X or their crew. It is here to show support. The graphics in the photo albums were uploaded with the owners permission and please do not take them without their consent. Any news about the band will contain a link to the original source. This site was created for fans of A7X. Site owners take no responsibility for what is commented by users but anything that is rude or offensive will be removed. 03/03/2011