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A7X Quiz

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1. What is the significance of 6661?

2. What were the guys going to be called if they weren't called Avenged Sevenfold?

3. What is the first tour intro on the LBC DVD?

4. What is the 5th track on the 'Nightmare' Album?

5. What label signed Avenged Sevenfold first?

6. Name all of Avenged Sevenfolds middle names

7. What was Synyster Gates first tattoo and where did he get it?

8. What song are these lyrics from? 'A living nightmare, asleep but still aware, the endless torture, the painless pleasure.'

9. Fill in the blanks ' I lived in a _______ ___ for about _ months and may be washed my _______ twice'

10. What MTV award did A7X win in 2006?

11. What song did Johnny Christ nearly shit himself at when he first heard it?

12. What is the song 'Betrayed' about?

13. What was the song 'Unbound (The Wild Ride)' originally called?

14. Which member came up with the abbreviation A7X?


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